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Does your office team need a boost in English communication?

I can help unlock the effective and effortless speaker within each team member.

It's time for the team to level up in business English!

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English is your company's ticket to success in the global business arena. When your team can speak English, they can:


✔ Win new customers everywhere.

✔ Share their ideas with a wider audience.

✔ Talk business with confidence around the world.


This is not just an advantage. It's a SUCCESS CODE.

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Picture this: Your team members...


Navigating with confidence in international meeting rooms.


Closing deals successfully.


Building business trust across diverse cultures.

Their English won't hold them back. It is now their power tool, not a roadblock.


I'm Judit Muraközy, a Business English Coach and Communication Specialist. I help business professionals impress with powerful and confident English. No more communication struggles!



✓ Real-world business scenarios

relevant to your company


✓ Real talk

practical and authentic conversations in a business context


✓ Your field

targeted learning tailored to your company and industry



I'm creating a safe space for the team to break free from their comfort zone. I'll challenge their English all the time, but in a supportive space. As they push themselves, they become more confident and capable.


I'll help them go beyond their limits so they can stop hiding behind language barriers.



✓ Your team will learn how to use common business phrases that actually work in real-world scenarios, even when the pressure is on.


✓ They will be able to communicate effectively and effortlessly with clients, colleagues, and partners from all over the world.

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As a Business English Coach and Communication Specialist, I have been helping business professionals overcome their language barriers and unlock their inner powerful and fluent speaker for over 16 years. I'm the co-founder of EliteBizTalk.

With 19,000+ teaching hours and nearly 1,000 students and clients under my belt, I'm here to help business professionals shine in English. I challenge them to go beyond their limits so they can stop hiding behind language barriers.


My clients inspire me and I help them stand out with effective and effortless communication in every business scenario. ​I absolutely love helping people grow. It's such a joy working with people and seeing them achieving their goals. It's so fulfilling to be part of their journey to success.

Call or message me, and let's talk about your team’s language plan. It's time to level up your team's communication game!

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